Diamond CBN Wheels Diamond CBN Wheels

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Diamond CBN Wheels are mainly suitable for rough grinding, semi- micro- finishing, micro finishing, polishing, grinding, cutting of hard alloy, magnetic material, mould and measuring tool, knife and cutting tool, glass, stone material and ferrite work piece.

Diamond CBN Wheels
iamond-cbn-wheel1 diamond-cbn-wheel2
diamond-cbn-wheel3 diamond-cbn-wheel4
diamond-cbn-wheel5 diamond-cbn-wheel6
diamond-cbn-wheel7 diamond-cbn-wheel8
diamond-cbn-wheel9 diamond-cbn-wheel10
diamond-cbn-wheel16 diamond-cbn-wheel17
diamond-cbn-wheel18 diamond-cbn-wheel19
diamond-cbn-wheel11 diamond-cbn-wheel12
diamond-cbn-wheel13 diamond-cbn-wheel14 diamond-cbn-wheel15